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LIVE webinar: The Physiology of Risk Taking, Decision Making and Trading Performance
These days, everyone is talking about psychological ways to improve performance, so we thought: let’s look at the most natural counterpart - the trader’s physiology!

In this webinar, you will:

- Explore the role that your body plays in your trading performance and on your physical well-being.
- Identify a number of practical strategies and tactics that can be utilised to enable you to optimise and train your physiology.

and therefore enhance decision-making, risk-taking, and achieve sustainable high-performance.

Join us as we talk to Steve Ward, High-Performance Coach at Performance Edge Consulting Ltd. Steve has over 16 years of experience specialising in helping traders, investment and banking professionals enhance their risk-taking and decision-making to achieve and sustain high performance. Join him and our enmacc CEO, Jens Hartmann, for episode 22 of our LIVE Digital Trader Summit.

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